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Is Russia Behind the leakage of Nord Stream pipeline

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Russian Navy ships

Russian Navy ships

On Monday and Tuesday, it was apparently seen the Russian navy ships were close to the Nord Stream pipelines where the leaks were discovered. According to a report citing anonymous intelligence sources, European security officials noticed the navy support ships close to the Baltic pipelines, though it is unclear whether the ships had anything to do with the explosions that were supposed to have caused the leaks.

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According to the report, Russian submarines were also spotted last week passing by the area. On Monday and Tuesday, leaks on the Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 pipes were found. They were both full of gas, which started to bubble to the surface even though neither of them were currently running. A Danish military officer claims that the presence of Russian ships does not indicate that Russia was involved in the leaks.

“They’re testing our awareness frequently, both at sea and in the air”, the official said, adding that Russian activities in the Baltic Sea have risen in recent years. The pipelines’ German owner, Nord Stream AG, announced that a survey to evaluate the damage is currently being prepared. Dmitry Peskov, the Kremlin’s spokesperson, blasted these allegations as “expected, dumb, and ludicrous.”

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After seismologists also noted huge explosions soon before the leaks, the European Union already started an investigation into the mysterious leaks. The explosions were captured on camera by seismic stations in Finland, Norway, and Denmark. A fourth gas leak has apparently been discovered on the damaged Nord Stream pipeline by Sweden’s coast guard.

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