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IRCTC to implementing playing music on Trains against act of peoples talking loudly while travelling

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            The Ministry of Railways has now decided to take harsh measures against persons who speak loudly on the phone or listen to music aboard trains.

The train crew will also be held accountable for the passenger’s discomfort.

The Ministry of Railways received several complaints about persons chatting loudly on their phones and listening to music. As a result of these concerns, the government issued stringent recommendations.

After 10 p.m., guidelines

No passenger will use their cell phones in a loud voice or listen to music at a high volume that may bother their fellow passengers.

With the exception of the nightlight, all lights should be turned off.

Passengers travelling in groups will not be able to converse with one another until late at night. A complaint from a fellow traveller will be investigated.

Checking personnel, R.P.F., electricians, catering personnel, and maintenance personnel will be required to work in a way that does not disturb passengers.

In addition to these criteria, those over the age of 60, the physically impaired, and lone female travellers will get all required assistance from train personnel.

A western railway official confirmed the ministry’s development of public etiquette, saying that they have lately begun a two-week-long push in this direction. According to the official, ticket checkers and other train workers would be advising passengers not to chat loudly on their phones as part of this campaign. Passengers will also be advised not to listen to music without earbuds.

Experts have applauded the railway’s relocation. According to the president of Rail Yatri Parishad, the annoyance created by loud music in public transportation should be addressed in the same manner that the issue of ticketless travellers is addressed.

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