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Iranian Protest Victim’s Parents Claim Security Personnel had Harassed Them

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Iranian Protest

Iranian Protest

Security police have been harassing the parents of an Iranian woman who was killed after being shot while filming rallies in her hometown, a relative informed. On September 27, Ghazaleh Chalabi, 33, was shot in the head in Amol. On Thursday, a memorial service will be held to honour the completion of the Islamic practise of mourning after 40 days have passed since her passing.

Her shooting death was especially upsetting because video of the protests she was recording on her phone at the time of the shooting was saved and shared online. “Do not be afraid, do not be afraid,” were her final words.

According to Ghazaleh Chalabi’s aunt, she was struck in the back of the head with a tangerine-sized bullet. She claimed that security personnel harassed her parents and threatened to hide her body and bury her somewhere secret “if they made a noise.”

The intimidation techniques employed by security forces to try to quell the protests that have been roiling Iran for weeks are typical of them, and include threats. Her father, a municipal employee, and her mother, who works for a charity organisation for cancer patients, are left behind.

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