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Iranian President Raisi Canceled The Interview

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Iranian President Raisi

Iranian President Raisi

Iranian President Raisi Canceled The Interview Because I Refused To Wear A veil, The American journalist said. Christiane Amanpour, a CNN presenter, claimed that she was unable to interview Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi because his assistant insisted on her wearing a headscarf before Raisi. In addition, the country is gripped by unrest over the murder of a young lady who was kidnapped and reportedly tortured in prison by Iran’s morality police for wearing “unsuitable clothes.” At least 31 civilians have been killed since the violent skirmishes began. Amanpour was scheduled to interview Raisi in New York on Thursday, his first time on American soil, as the leader was in town for the United Nations General Assembly session. 

“We were ready after weeks of preparing and eight hours of putting up translation equipment, lighting, and cameras.” But there has been no trace of President Raisi,” she added in a series of tweets. Less than an hour into the conversation, Raisi’s assistant approached Amanpour with the President’s request that the anchor wears a headscarf owing to the ongoing holy months of Muharram and Sagar, which she “politely denied.” Raisi’s adviser, she said, indicated the interview would not go place if the requirement was not met since it was “a question of respect,” and pointed to “the situation in Iran,” implying the ongoing demonstrations over a woman’s death following her detention by the morality police.

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