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IPL auction 2022; C. Gayle, B. Stokes, J. Archer, J. Root & S. Curran decides not to be a part in IPL 2022

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            Preparations for the IPL super auctions are already underway, with a total of 1214 players having registered.

According to the current press release on the official website of the Indian Premier League, 896 Indian and 318 abroad players have registered with their respective basic fee. The basic pricing categories have been 2 crore, 50 lakh, and 20 lakhs.

Key overseas stars such as Chris Gayle, Ben Stokes, Jofra Archer, and Joe Root are yet to register for the IPL super auctions. It’s reasonable to assume they’re out of the IPL 2022. This will be the first time a Jamaican cricketer has been excluded from the IPL. Aside from Stokes, Archer, and Root, a number of English players, including Sam Curran and Chris Woakes, have opted not to participate in the IPL 2022.

One of the primary causes for these player’s non-registration is their 4-0 Ashes defeat. English players were chastised for preferring franchise cricket to representing their nation. England test skipper Root also stated unequivocally following the Ashes loss.

Capped Indians (61 players), Capped Internationals (209 players), Associate (41 players), Uncapped Indians who participated in previous IPL seasons (143 players), Uncapped Internationals who participated in previous IPL seasons (6 players), Uncapped Indians (692 players), and Uncapped Internationals (62 players).

Australia has the most overseas players (59), followed by South Africa (48), the West Indies (41), Sri Lanka (36), England (30), and Afghanistan (20).

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