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Infant Girl Fell Into 15-Meter Well In Bangkok, Thailand

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under well rescue

under well rescue

The infant 19-month-old Girl was Rescued within 18 hours. She fell into the hole at a farm in northern Thailand. Rescuers Dug overnight to rescue the child. Rescuers were complicated by efforts to make sure the well won’t be collapsed. 

Rescuers cheered and clapped for the infant daughter of a migrant worker from Myanmar, who was pilled up 15 meters (49-foot)-deep well shaft and placed a stretcher on the waiting ambulances. The rescuer to arrive first checked the situation down the hole, and he heard the child crying back sound; they started with the procedure. The small camera was lowered into the well to check the situation. The people applauded with, “Great Job, Guys. We did it!”

 The infant child fell into a well, in Tak, in interior north Bangkok, late Monday afternoon when her parents were working at a plantation. The toddler was taken to Phop Phra Hospital. 

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