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Indian Student Creates Leg Exerciser For Those With Restricted Mobility At UK Institution

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Indian Student

Indian Student

An Indian student named Shamoil Khomosi, who is enrolled at the University of Sheffield in London, has created a leg exerciser dubbed the “Digital Health Rocka” to assist those with restricted movement and travelers on lengthy flights.  Adam Yusuf, an innovator, endured a long journey from Somaliland in the Far East to Sheffield in the UK in 1987 while crammed into a small economy class seat. This encounter inspired him to create the Active Legs foot rocker in 2015.

The foot rocker was transformed into a high-tech device in 2022 by Shamoil Khomosi, a 20-year-old Indian student at Sheffield University, and given the name Digital Health Rocka. It could now track movement and transmit data via its own mobile app. Long-haul flight passengers and those with mobility challenges, such as the elderly, may now benefit from the new and improved technology. The innovative fitness tool could soon be available on the market.

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