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Indian scientists have shown how the Sun’s outbursts develop as they travel to Earth.

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Interactions between two separate Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs), massive outbursts from the Sun, in space play a significant role in their evolution, according to a team of Indian astronomers. The Sun has been known to hurl enormous outbursts at the solar system’s planets, including Earth. When these eruptions collide with the Earth’s magnetic field, geomagnetic storms are likely to result.

Astronomers have explored what happens when two explosions collide in space’s vacuum. They discovered that the CME’s position in the solar disc determines its track in the corona and subsequent evolution in the interplanetary medium.

Data from the Large Angle and Spectrometric Chronometric Observatory, the Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory, and the Ames Coronagraph Experiment (ACE) Laboratory were utilized by the researchers. Following the major explosion, a large portion of the CME went to the sun’s north-east.

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