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INDIA WON!! Again Thrilling Match Against Bangladesh in T20 World Cup

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India completes a tight five-run victory. In the final over, Taskin Ahmed and Nurul Hassan gave India a real scare, but Arshdeep maintained his composure and hit the winning shot.In a close game, India comes out on top. They also owe a debt of gratitude to KL, their fielding, and the rain for enabling them win this one. When Litton Das was going hammer and tongs, Bangladesh had the game completely under control. When the rain started, they were 66 for no loss and 17 over par according to DLS. Had the rain continued, they would have prevailed. But after the rain, things took a turn for the worst. On his first attempt to go back for a second, Das tripped, and if that wasn’t a warning enough, on his next attempt, he stumbled while coming back for a second and was run-out by a direct hit from KL.

The much-criticized Indian fielding showed up on the night, which ended up being the game’s turning moment. From that point on, Bangladesh skied everything up, and India caught them all. Nurul Hasan and Taskin Ahmed hinted at a late heist, but Hardik in the penultimate over and Arshdeep Singh in the final over maintained their composure to prevent India from losing, which would have been nearly deadly for them in the battle for the semi-final.

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