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India sees a slight dip in COVID case count on Tuesday with 1.68 lakh new cases

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            According to Union Health Ministry data, India recorded a modest decrease in daily Covid-19 cases on Tuesday, with 1,68,063 new coronavirus infections and 277 fatalities in the previous 24 hours.

On Monday, India recorded 1,79,723 new cases, the majority of which occurred in the country’s three largest cities: Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata.

The country’s death toll increased to 4,84,213 on Tuesday, with 69,959 people recovering in the previous 24 hours.

The number of active cases is presently 8,21,446.

So far, 152 crore vaccine doses have been delivered as part of the nationwide immunization campaign.

On Monday, India began delivering the ‘precaution’ dosage of coronavirus vaccination to high-risk populations. On the first day of the vaccination effort, almost 9 lakh people received their third dose of the Covid vaccine.

Meanwhile, the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) on Monday urged Covid-19 positive patient’s contacts not to test themselves unless they are in the ‘at risk’ group owing to their age or comorbidities.

The new testing technique is consistent with the Centre’s new home isolation policy, which suggests that after a seven-day isolation period, a person is not required to have a Covid-19 test if he or she has not had a fever for the previous three days.

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