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India is the only Quad ally that is “slightly wobbly” on Russia, according to Biden

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            Only India, according to US President Joe Biden, has proven itself to be “slightly unstable” in its response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The US, Japan, and Australia are the other members of the Quad.

The United States, Japan, and Australia have sanctioned Russian businesses, but India has not implemented penalties and has also abstained from three UN Security Council votes criticising Moscow.

The rise of tensions has been seen as “very concerning” by India, which has emphasised that the problem can only be handled via diplomatic engagement.

In response to Russian President Vladimir Putin, Biden praised other partners, stating, “we have exhibited a united face throughout NATO and in the Pacific”.

“With the probable exception of India, which has been somewhat unsteady on some of issues, the Quad has been quite firm, as has Australia in dealing with Putin’s aggressiveness”. In order to maintain relations with both Moscow and the West, India has had to walk a diplomatic tightrope in Ukraine. Russia is India’s major armaments supplier.

With news that a state-owned business has struck an agreement to purchase 3 million barrels of petroleum from a Russian corporation, India is also considering buying Russian oil at a reduced rate.

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