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India is not breaking sanctions, but a Russian oil agreement might put it on the ‘wrong side of history’, according to the US

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            In the midst of the ongoing proxy war between the West and the Kremlin in Ukraine, the United States (US) declared on Tuesday that India’s purchase of cheap Russian crude oil will not violate American sanctions.

“I don’t believe this would violate that (sanctions)”, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said in response to a report that India would accept Russia’s offer of cheap crude oil.

“However, consider where you want to stand when history books are written at this point in time. Support for the Russian leadership is support for an invasion that is clearly wreaking havoc”, Psaki explained.

Dr Ami Bera, an Indian-American Congressman, expressed dismay over rumours that India is considering purchasing Russian oil at a substantial cost. India has not backed Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Officials in the Biden administration have informed senators that New Delhi is heavily reliant on Russian military supplies for its national security. “If rumours are correct and India decides to buy Russian oil at a reduced price, New Delhi would be siding with Vladimir Putin at a critical juncture in history when countries all over the globe are united in favour of the Ukrainian people and against Russia’s terrible invasion”, he stated.

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