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India eases the flight restrictions on Ukraine

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            The Ministry of Civil Aviation has removed the restriction on the number of flights and seats between India and Ukraine in the Air Bubble arrangement in order to facilitate Indian travel from the eastern European nation, i.e., any number of flights and Charter flights can now operate between both countries. In light of the current scenario in Ukraine as a result of escalating tensions with Russia, India has recommended its people to leave the country for the time being.

According to the official, Indian carriers have been urged to consider offering flights to Ukraine owing to increased demand, and the ministry is collaborating with the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) on flying services. The Indian embassy in Kyiv announced on Wednesday that more flights will be added in the near future to fulfil increased demand.

“The Indian embassy has received multiple requests on the non-availability of flights from Ukraine to India. In this regard, students are urged not to worry, but to book the earliest available and convenient flights to India”, the organisation stated in a statement.

It further said that Ukrainian International Airlines, Air Arabia, Fly Dubai, and Qatar Airways are now operating flights from Ukraine.

“In order to accommodate the increased demand, new flights are being planned in the near future, including from Ukrainian International Airlines, Air India, and others. Details on the same will be communicated by the embassy as soon as they are confirmed”, it stated.

P.S. On Tuesday India advised Indian citizens especially students to leave Ukraine temporarily.

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