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India collaborates with the Kremlin to evacuate 4,000 students stranded near the Ukraine-Russia border

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          As India continues to evacuate stranded students from war-torn Ukraine, the Centre is in close contact with Moscow in order to enable safe passage to Indian nationals trapped in locations bordering Russia, notably the warzones of Kharkiv and Sumy.

According to a Hindustan Times article, a team of Indian officials from the Russian Embassy has been residing in Belgorod, which is close to Kharkiv and Sumy, for the last several days, attempting to assist with evacuation through Russian diplomatic channels.

According to the report, over 13,000 Indian people have been evacuated from Ukraine across the border with other European nations, with another 3,000 making their way to the Ukraine battle zone for protection.

Over 4,000 Indian students are trapped in Kharkiv and Sumy, where Putin’s forces are attempting to surround Ukraine’s main towns in a classic World War II manoeuvre. India has initiated an evacuation campaign to bring Indians from Hungary, Romania, Poland, and Slovakia home. In recent days, Indian evacuation aircraft have operated from the Romanian metropolis of Bucharest and the Hungarian capital of Budapest.

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