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Increasing Customer Complaints Bring Samsung Under Scanner

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Due to getting the most customer complaints regarding refrigerators in the country, South Korean technology giant Samsung is reportedly the focus of an investigation in the US.

One of the most well-known manufacturers of refrigerators in the US is Samsung, but SamMobile believes that the company’s expansion may be hampered by mounting customer complaints.

Customers of Samsung have brought up three out of every four complaints concerning the safety of refrigerators since 2020. Consumers had filed 471 complaints about the safety of refrigerators as of July 2022. Every day, millions of customers in the US rely on and appreciate their Samsung refrigerators. We stand by the performance, quality, and innovation of our appliances as well as the well-known customer service we provide “A Samsung representative cited. The independent US government agency, the Consumer Product Safety Commission, has not yet issued a recall or warning for the well-known tech company,” according to the SamMobile article.

Additionally, the Commission was unable to provide more detailed information since doing so would impede the investigation. According to Consumer Reports, some of the most frequent issues with refrigerators are malfunctioning ice makers, water leaks, fire hazards, over-freezing, and food spoilage. According to the study, this is because refrigerators are supposedly functioning over the recommended temperature.

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