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In Twitter, Left User Accounts Remained Logged In After Password Resets

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Twitter has confirmed that it has resolved an issue that was causing users to be signed in to their accounts on various mobile devices even after they had reset their passwords, which meant that users who changed their passwords still had their accounts logged in on other devices using the old password.

‘If you changed your password proactively on one device but still had an open session on another, the session may not have ended.’ Web sessions were not disrupted and were properly ended.’

The weakness was discovered when Twitter changed the process for password resets last year, according to the blog post. Users who may have been affected by the problem were immediately contacted, logged out, and encouraged to log back in. ‘We logged some of you out to protect your account. ‘You can log back in to continue using Twitter,’ the company stated. “We advise everyone to check out the options available in your settings and to evaluate active open sessions on a frequent basis,” Twitter continues. On our Help Center, you may also learn how to reset a lost or forgotten password.

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