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In the midst of the Ukraine crisis, Poland will increase defense spending by 47 percent to $22.2 billion.

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Poland is said to be planning a massive 47 percent increase in its defense spending. According to reports, Poland is increasing its defense budget to 3% of GDP. This is far more than NATO’s 2% aim. Plans to equip Europe in response to the troubling potential of a Russian threat are followed by allegations that the US is pursuing a tripartite arrangement including the transfer of US F-16 fighter planes to Poland in exchange for Poland’s MiG-29 fighter jets being sent to Ukraine. The possibility of Poland being the next battleground in the face of Russian aggression would be addressed by F-16s for Poland.

Analysts have warned that the steep increases in defense spending might run afoul of the European Union’s (EU) budget deficit restrictions. In light of the Russian threat, as many as nine EU member states have requested a waiver of the cap. Europe is also considering other options for funding a military build-up. According to Germany’s ambassador to India, Vladimir Putin has awakened Europe to the idea that peace comes at a cost. Due to the lack of inter-state military confrontation, Europe has been able to drastically cut defense spending.

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