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In the midst of the battle, Ukraine is selling non-financial tokens (NFTs) depicting the Russian invasion chronology in order to generate funding for its troops and population.

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In a tweet, Ukraine’s Vice Prime Minister revealed the information. An official collection of war-related events, as documented by Ukraine’s Ministry of Digital Transformation, will be transformed into NFTs for this purpose. Ukraine, being the technologically advanced country that it is, has opted to sell these NFTs in order to earn revenue. The collection is sure to attract the attention of digital enthusiasts, as all monies earned from the sale of the NFTs will be donated back to the people of Ukraine. With the globe standing behind Ukraine, the collection is sure to pique the interest of digital enthusiasts.

The updates will now be transformed into NFTs and sold, as announced by the Ministry of Digital Transformation at the time. The sale of the NFTs will begin on Tuesday, and there will be a total of 54 NFTs available for purchase.

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