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In order to respond Israel strike, Syria can use all legal means: says foreign ministry

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            Syria can use all legal methods to retaliate to Israeli strikes on its soil, according to the Syrian Foreign Ministry.

The Israeli army stated on Wednesday that it attacked Syrian air defences in reaction to the firing of an anti-aircraft missile from Syrian territory.

According to the Syrian Armed Forces leadership, the Israeli assault killed one soldier and wounded five others.

“The Syrian Arab Republic vehemently condemns the cowardly Israeli action against Syrian land conducted early Wednesday”, the ministry stated in a statement.

The Israeli strikes, according to the foreign ministry, breached international law and the UN Charter.

“[Syria] asserts that these assaults will have a detrimental influence on those who carry them out and will empower them. Syria has the legal right to retaliate in any way it sees fitZ”, the statement continued.

Israel conducts assaults on Syria on a regular basis, claiming that its actions are intended to offset Iran’s military presence in the Arab nation.

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