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In Ecuador, Researchers Find Three New Species Of Ground Snake

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Three new Cryptozoic snake animals that live underground have been found by scientists in isolated Ecuadorian towns’ cemeteries and churches. The small, cylindrical, and sometimes quaint-looking new snakes were given honorific names in recognition of organizations or individuals that promote the study and preservation of isolated tropical cloud forests. Believe it or not, cemeteries are also places where people live. A fossorial subspecies of snakes from the genus Atractus lives in the Ecuadorian Andes. 

Although this genus of ground snakes has the greatest diversity of species (150 species are currently recognized worldwide), few people have ever seen or even heard of one. This is presumably due to the fact that these snakes are shy, uncommon, and spend the majority of their existence hidden. The majority of them also reside in distant cloud forests and are buried underground or in deep crevasses. But in this instance, crypts were where the new ground snakes were discovered.

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