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In Delhi, a man kills his wife and her brothers to death and is apprehended

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            In an instance of domestic violence, a 43-year-old man reportedly shot his wife, brothers-in-law, and other relatives. After a violent altercation on Sunday, the accused was detained by Delhi Police for the murder of his wife and her brother.

Jitendra, the male, used to have regular fights with his wife Seema in the past. The couple had a fierce dispute the day before yesterday, and to settle it, Seema’s brothers Vijay and Surendra, as well as Vijay’s wife Babita, paid them a visit.

However, the gathering quickly devolved into a scuffle in which the accused shot his wife and her family.

The police response car from Subhash Nagar Police Station arrived on the scene and discovered all four victims to be hurt and bleeding. They were transported to the hospital, where Seema and her two brothers died from bullet wounds, while Vijay’s wife Babita, who had been hit in the leg, was hospitalised in serious condition.

The culprit was apprehended on the spot by the police squad, and a FIR was filed against him for attempted murder and possession of a firearm.

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