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In Chennai, a shockwave caused by the volcanic eruption in Tonga was reported.

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The volcanic eruption in Tonga, in the Pacific Ocean, produced a shockwave that was felt about 12,000 kilometres distant in Chennai. The eruption’s boom was heard 2,500 kilometres distant in New Zealand, but not in India. According to The Hindu, a blip in air pressure was noticed in Chennai roughly 10 hours after the explosion, which jumped by about two hectopascals (hPa) at around 8.15 p.m. A rapid spike in air pressure was noted in the barometer recording of S. Venkataraman, a PhD student at IIT Madras. At roughly 8.15 a.m., the pressure dropped from 1,014.53 to 1,014.53 hPa. “It had a strange ring to it.” I thought it was an issue with my computer at first.

“It sounded strange to me. I first assumed it was an issue with my equipment “According to The Hindu, he stated. “We were taken aback at first as well. A rapid spike in air pressure can occasionally be caused by strong winds blowing in from adjacent places. On Saturday, however, the increase appeared to be somewhat different “N. Puviarasan, the Director of the Regional Cyclone Warning Center of the Regional Meteorological Centre in Chennai, stated.

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