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In Bucharest, a baby is born under a bombardment

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            Anna Tymchenko was terrified. She’d been in labour for hours, but her city was being attacked and her flat was rocking. She and her husband were stranded without power, running water, or a doctor.

Bucha, a tiny village 30 kilometres (18.5 miles) from Kyiv, has been subjected to virtually constant bombing.

Volodymyr, Anna’s husband, was divided between staying in Bucha and fleeing. When they eventually tried to flee by automobile, they were forced to turn around when they saw a column of Russian military vehicles approaching.

“We therefore agreed to stay in the flat”, Anna, 21, explained.

When she went into labour late on March 7, she asked her neighbours for assistance. They agreed to attend, but none of them had any prior experience with childbirth.

“We were frightened when the baby’s head came out”, one of the neighbours, Viktoria, said. “We didn’t know what to do since she was blue. She didn’t scream at first, but once we started striking her, she wailed and we all rejoiced”.

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