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Imran Khan Applauds PM Modi, Criticizes Nawaz Sharif For Foreign Real Estate

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Nawaz Sharif

Nawaz Sharif

Imran Khan, a former leader of Pakistan, has once more praised Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and contrasted him with the leader of the Pakistan Muslim League (N), Nawaz Sharif, on the problem of corruption. Former Prime Minister Khan was heard discussing the properties that Nawaz Sharif has outside of Pakistan in a video that went viral online (foreign countries). Then he launched a vicious attack on Nawaz, claiming that “no other leader in the world has properties worth billions”.

Imran Khan praised India for purchasing the priced oil from Russia and claimed that his government was also operating on the same thing with the aid of an independent foreign policy. He also criticized the Pakistan Muslim League (N)-led government for “running around like a headless chicken with the economy in a tailspin.”

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