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‘Imitation’ Paintings Turn Out To Be Real Rembrandts

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An oil drawing that was previously believed to be a copy of a #Rembrandt painting has been discovered. It sat in a museum’s neglected nook for a century. On Thursday, the oil sketch was released by #Dutch art experts (November 3). Known for his well-known pieces like “The Night Watch” and “The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp,” Rembrandt is well-known.

Long is believed to be a copy of the original “The Raising of the Cross” artwork, perhaps created by a Rembrandt imitator. However, the drawing has now been identified as a Rembrandt painting at the Bredius museum in The Hague, where it has been on display since its purchase in 1921.

Johanneke Verhave, who repaired the sketch, said, “The quality of the details is so finely done that I am confident that this is a Rembrandt.” Verhave and Jeroen Giltaij analyzed the painting after Giltaij “rediscovered” it while conducting research for a book on Rembrandt around a year ago. Giltaij served as the Boijmans Van Beuningen Museum’s principal old paintings curator in Rotterdam. “I repeatedly examined this piece. observing the brushstrokes” Giltaij told AFP, They are outstanding. He was persuaded that the sketch was the real deal by “only a few wide brush strokes,” he added. Abraham Bredius, the first curator of the museum, made his initial purchase of the artwork in 1921. Like others, he believed the sketch to be an original by Rembrandt. However, over time, art professionals regarded it as a “crude replica.”

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