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 If Iran Develops Nuclear Weapons, The World Must Use “Military Force”: Israel

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United Nations: If Iran develops nuclear weapons, the international community should use “military action,” Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid warned the UN on Thursday, as he restated support for the establishment of a “peaceful” Palestinian state. In recent months, Israel has launched an intensive diplomatic drive to persuade the United States and major European nations such as the United Kingdom, France, and Germany not to extend the 2015 Iran nuclear agreement.

Various authorities have hinted that the accord, which was abandoned by then-US President Donald Trump in 2018, may not be extended until at least mid-November, a date that Lapid has sought to use to pressure the West to take a stronger stance in their discussions. From the General Assembly podium, Lapid accused Tehran’s leadership of organizing an “orchestra of hate” against Jews and claimed that Iran’s ideologues “hate and kill Muslims who think differently, like Salman Rushdie and Mahsa Amini,” the woman whose death after being arrested under Iran’s morality policy sparked widespread protests in the country. Israel, which regards Iran as its archenemy, also accuses Tehran of funding armed groups such as Lebanon’s Hezbollah and Palestinian Hamas.

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