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‘I recognised the luggage, and that’s how I knew’, said a guy who had lost his family in the war

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            A Ukrainian man said he found out his wife and two children had been killed by a Russian shell after viewing a tweet displaying their lifeless corpses.

Serhiy Perebyinis told the New York Times, “I recognised the suitcase and that’s how I knew”.

Tetiana Perebyinis and her two daughters, Mykyta, 18, and Alisa, 9, were killed while fleeing in the town of Irpin. They evacuated eastern Ukraine in 2014 to reside in Kyiv, where the Ukrainian military was battling Russian-backed rebels.

A photograph of the deceased family resting next to a World War I memorial. Two victims were featured on the main page of New York Times.

“The entire world should be aware of what is going on here”, said Serhiy, who had travelled to care for his ailing mother before the war broke out.

He informed the newspaper that in order to return to Kyiv, he had to enter Russia and then travel to Kaliningrad, where he could cross into Poland.

He claimed to have informed Russian troops stationed near the Polish border: My entire family was killed in what you call a special operation and what we call war.

“You are free to do whatever you want with me. ‘I have nothing to lose’”.

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