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I Owe Jamal Edwards My Career Says Ed Sheeran

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Jamal Edwards

Jamal Edwards

Ed Sheeran, a popular artist, paid respect to Jamal Edwards and stated that his career would not have been possible without his backing. The celebrity was speaking at a memorial for Edwards, who launched the internet music service SBTV and was awarded the MBE in 2014 for his contributions to music.

The businessman passed away in February at the age of 31. If Jamal hadn’t put his arm around me, Sheeran remarked, “I truly don’t think I would have been given the possibilities that I was given.”

“Long time ago, I was merely blending in on the acoustic singer-songwriter scene. Jamal also has this kind of flavour.” Coroner says cocaine was the cause of Jamal Edwards’ death.

For entrepreneur Jamal Edwards, condolences pour in. The future single You Need Me, I Don’t Need You was performed on Edwards’ YouTube channel in 2010, giving Sheeran his first break. The star’s manager, Stuart Camp, and record company Atlantic were introduced to him through the video. Many people believe that because I perform and write songs, I would have achieved fame in any case, according to Sheeran.

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