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Hurricane Lan: Cuba Begins Power Restoration After The Storm

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Hurricane Lan

Hurricane Lan

After Hurricane Ian pummelling the western portion of the island, causing a total blackout, power has been restored in sections of Cuba. Officials had stated that the electrical system had failed when one of the country’s primary power facilities could not be restarted. Two persons were reported deceased, and structures were damaged around the country. Over 20 Cuban migrants are thought to be missing at sea.

As Ian approached Florida with gusts of high to 250km/h (155mph), the US Border Patrol and the US Coast Guard announced a search and rescue effort to locate 23 migrants whose boat is thought to have sunk at sea during the storm. Four more migrants arrived on Stock Island in Florida. Seven migrants were detained the day before after reaching the US shore at Pompano Beach, causing Walter Slosar, the Border Patrol’s Miami sector chief patrol officer, to advise Cubans not to try the perilous crossing during the hurricane.

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