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Hundreds Of Pristine Indonesian Islands To be Auctioned

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A collection of #tranquil islands northeast of #Bali, #Indonesia, are up for sale in one of Asia’s most intriguing real estate sales. The more than 100 islands that make up the Widi Reserve in east Indonesia’s “Coral Triangle” span an area of 85,000 hectares, or nearly two-thirds the size of New Delhi, the capital of India. Islands cannot be privately owned under Indonesian law, although anybody can buy shares of a company with development rights. It is evident that Charlie Smith, executive vice president for Sotheby’s Concierge Auctions’ EMEA region, anticipates high bids for this archipelago.

“Every billionaire can own a private island, but only one can own this exclusive opportunity spread across 100-plus islands,” he said in a press statement. According to the auction portal, the Widi Reserve’s Conservation center “will conduct cutting-edge research initiatives involving tagging, tracking, and monitoring of iconic and critically endangered species,” reflecting the need to safeguard ecologically delicate aquatic environments.

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