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Human mistake is most likely to blame for the inadvertent missile launch into Pakistan

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            According to accounts, the unintentional launch of an Indian missile into Pakistan was most likely the consequence of human error.

According to reports, the Court of Inquiry investigating the event is looking into the participation of a Group Captain and a few other officials for potential failures. “Human error appears to be the cause of the mishap in the ongoing investigation”, one person acquainted with the investigation told PTI. The ‘accidental missile firing’ occurred on March 9. In response to the occurrence, Pakistan made a strong complaint with India.

An unarmed missile travelled 124 kilometres within Pakistani territory before crashing in Mian Channu. Fortunately, no one was killed or injured as a result of the incident. The Pakistani establishment attempted to raise the issue of India’s “accidental shooting” of a missile at the international level. Rajnath Singh informed Parliament, calling the unintentional missile discharge “regrettable”.

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