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How did Dolo-650 become the Pandemic’s go-to Fever Medicine?

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Dolo-650 gained much popularity during the second wave of Covid because of its easy availability and doctors’ preferred prescription. This fueled the rise of its sales, and to be sure, sales of all brands of paracetamol increased. Dolo 650 is considered the safest fever drug and is administered to everyone with Covid-19.

However, during the second quarters of 2020 and 2021, when India was experiencing the second wave of the pandemic, paracetamol earned a revenue of 138.42%. According to market research firm AIOCD-AWACS, Dolo-650 revenue increased by 289.6 percent during the same period.

Despite the fact that the brand began as a recommended prescription during the second wave, but many people have continued to use it without a prescription during the third wave as well.

Kanav Nangia, a Delhi-based pharmacy stockist, says, “The availability of Crocin has not been consistent during the epidemic; there are times when it is unavailable. Calpol is another option, but it is more expensive than Dolo. This is why Dolo became popular during the epidemic.”

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