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Hotel Employee Wins Dh25 Million In Big-Ticket Game In Dubai

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Hotel Employee

Hotel Employee

An Indian hotel employee in Dubai struck it rich on Thursday when he won Dh25 million in the first Big Ticket Live outdoor draw since 2020. Sajesh NS, The Series 245 large prize winner, is a Dubai citizen who moved to the UAE from Oman two years ago. For the past four years, he has bought gigantic tickets every month. His 20 coworkers split the prize money after helping him purchase his winning ticket online.

When asked how he planned to utilize his money, Sajesh responded, “I want to help people,” according to Gulf news. “There are over 150 employees at the hotel where I work, and I would like to help out as many of them as I can by sharing a portion of my winnings with them,” he said. Even if he becomes a millionaire, Sajesh intends to buy tickets monthly.

At the following live draw in December, a lucky winner will receive Dh30 million for the first time ever with Big Ticket. The second prize of Dh1 million, a third prize worth Dh100,000, and the fourth prize of Dh50,000 will also be announced. For the month of November, each weekly e-draw winner will get Dh1 million.

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