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‘Holy Grail’ Wheat Gene Discovered By Scientist – Report

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Wheat has been a significant yield for society. Wheat enabled humans to change from hunter-gatherers to foodstuffs producers and depended on them from non-dominant species to rulers of the planet. The harvest independently forms a vital part of the diet of billions of individuals in the world.

Global Warming and Climate Change have begun to affect the production of wheat. With increasingly intense heatwaves, storms, and more, there is a threat to the vital crop. The efforts of scientists to create a more robust type of wheat ready for new challenges hit a dead end due to the complex genome of wheat. But now, a scientific breakthrough may take us closer to meeting the challenges of a changing world.

Researchers at John Innes Centre in Norwich have achieved the breakthrough. It is the leading crop research institute in the world. The new variety has been created, in part, with the help of gene-editing technology.

Regular wheat has a stabilizing gene segregating different chromosomes into its other genomes. But it also opposes the exchange of traits with wild grain, which is more resilient to elements and has many desirable features that scientists wanted to incorporate in wheat varieties cultivated on a large scale.

This gene was called the ‘Holy grail’ of wheat genes. The researchers discovered Zip4.5B and created a mutant that does not impede the exchange of traits from wild varieties. This groundbreaking discovery may lead to the development of better varieties of wheat.

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