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Here’s How To Celebrate A Waste-Free Thanksgiving This Year in 2022

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Given the waste and overspending that accompany #Thanksgiving, it can be a monumental task for many families. It’s time we made vacations more sustainable as people become more aware of their carbon footprint and the price our decisions impose on the future.

Here are some short tips to reduce waste and have a more sustainable Thanksgiving:

Reduce the menu size:

This year, make fewer items because, in all honesty, nobody eats everything on the elaborate spread. People won’t miss many dishes if you make fewer dishes because only two or three dishes are often eagerly consumed by visitors or family.

Locally sourced ingredients are healthier and better for the environment. Utilizing materials that can be grown nearby helps the environment. Additionally, cooking using fresh products is healthier than using ones from frozen or cold storage.

Don’t dress your vegetables (a lot):

Always eat them uncooked or with fewer sauces to extend their shelf life. The likelihood that it will get soggy or mushy grows as you use more sauces, increasing the likelihood that it will go to waste. Greens that have been boiled or roasted are the simplest to prepare. If they are not used immediately, they can always be employed later.

Don’t stress over a full Turkey:

If you know you won’t be able to finish the entire bird, why make it and then let it go to waste? We might receive a lot of backlash for this. Instead of cooking a whole turkey, you can make a Thanksgiving turkey by placing the divided sections in a roasting pan with a few inches of stock and some savory spices.

Reuse and repurpose the leftovers:

It should go without saying that it is never a good idea to waste food. The leftover meat can always be used the following day as a side dish or in another recipe like spaghetti or a sandwich. Vegetable leftovers can be used in salads.

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