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Herbert Jacobson killed during WWII attack on Pearl Harbor buried:

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Herbert Jacobson

Herbert Jacobson

The family of a US sailor killed at Pearl Harbor have finally been able to see him laid to rest, 80 years after the World War Two attack. Herbert Jacobson was buried in Arlington National Cemetery after modern forensic testing allowed his remains to be identified.

To finally know what happened to the sailor gives the family closure a nephew told news agency AP. He was among the thousands killed or injured in the Japanese assault.

The surprise Japanese strike on the the naval base in Hawaii on 7 December 1941 propelled the US into the war. “Bert” Jacobson, who was 21, was among 400 sailors who lost their lives on board the USS Oklahoma – one of four battleships sunk by Japanese torpedoes. It was two years before their bodies were recovered, but many could not be identified.

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