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Heartwarming Video Moves Viral Video: Homeless Man Celebrates Pet Dog’s Birthday

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Dogs are universally acknowledged as man’s best companion. There is no love like a dog’s, as seen by numerous popular videos on the internet.One such touching video, in which a homeless man in Colombia celebrates his dogs’ birthday, has gone viral and is likely to make you cry.User @roteloperiodismo shared the video on Instagram. The homeless man in the video is José Luis Matos, also known as Choco, who is always seen with his doggos, according to the caption. The video shows him sitting on a stairwell with his dogs, both of them are dressed in birthday hats. Choco then takes out a small birthday cake, a couple of candles, and lights them before singing “Happy Birthday.” He kisses them both before cutting the cake and serving them a slice each.”His name is Choco, and he lives on the streets of #Bucaramanga. He has always been seen with his furry companions. We must alter this unjust system for those like him,” the video title reads.

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