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Harry Potter’s Sorting Hat Voice Actor Leslie Phillips Died At 98

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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Leslie Phillips, a seasoned English actor who is best remembered for his roles in the Carry On and Harry Potter film series as well as the BBC radio comedy series “The Navy Lark,” has passed away at the age of 98. According to his agent Jonathan Lloyd, he passed away peacefully while sleeping, according to Deadline. Phillips, who was born on April 20 in Tottenham, Middlesex, first appeared on stage in 1937. He performed as a wolf in a Peter Pan musical. His first film came out in 1938. The musical comedy in question was titled “Lassie from Lancashire.” Although he occasionally acted, he did not become famous until the 1957 Hollywood musical picture “Les Girls.”

He elected to remain in his native Britain, though and appeared in comedies like “Brothers in Law” and “The Smallest Show on Earth” despite his Hollywood fame. He had a minor part in “Carry On Nurse,” the second movie in the “Carry On” series. His catchphrase “Ding dong” became well-known because of the role. His radio career was extremely successful, particularly on the aforementioned “The Navy Lark.” He was the only member of the audio cast to appear in the movie “The Navy Lark.”

He was most known to current audiences as the actor who performed the Sorting Hat’s voice in the “Potter” films. The Sorting Hat is a magical sentient hat that assigns Hogwarts students to one of the four houses.

In honor of Phillips, the official “Harry Potter” Twitter account posted a photo of him. The caption said, “We are deeply saddened to learn of the demise of the amazing Leslie Phillips, who voiced the Sorting Hat in the Harry Potter films with such incomparable humor and elegance.”

The official Bafta Twitter account also posted a message of sympathy. “Leslie Phillips, who was best known for his roles in the Carry-On movies and was nominated for a BAFTA for his outstanding performance alongside Peter O’Toole in Venus, passed away, which saddens us. We are praying for his family.”

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