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Harjot Singh, an Indian student who had been shot, was successfully evacuated from Ukraine

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          An Indian student who was shot while attempting to flee Kyiv in a cab on February 27 has been successfully evacuated from conflict-torn Ukraine.

Harjot Singh (31) crossed the Ukrainian border and entered neighbouring Poland on Monday. When Singh entered the Ukrainian border today, he was accompanied by Indian diplomats. According to Puneet Singh Chandhok, head of the Indian World Forum, the Indian national was transferred at the border into an ambulance provided by the Polish Red Cross. He was then led to an Indian Air Force jet, which will transport him and other Indians back to India from Poland.

Harjot Singh, an Indian national who was shot in Kyiv and lost his passport, will return to India with us tomorrow, according to VK Singh’s tweet. According to the information available, Singh was shot four times. Harjot was cited earlier as stating that shots were fired at him and others as they were in a cab in Lviv and were halted at a roadblock. It should be emphasised that Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine on February 24.

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