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Hariyal bird that never sets foot on land

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We’re talking about the Hariyal bird, which resembles a pigeon but is green and yellow with grey stripes. It is known as the Hariyal bird because of its distinctive colour. This bird is native to the Indian subcontinent and builds its nests on lofty trees.

The Hariyal Bird Never Sets Foot on the Ground:

This bird has a powerful beak, and it quenches its thirst by swallowing the dew that gathers on fruits and plants. This bird, on the other hand, makes its nest on higher trees. One of the reasons these birds don’t need to come down to the ground is that they consume whatever they need from several trees – Peepal, Fig, and Sycamore — without leaving their nests!

Hariyal Birds Live For a Long Time:

According to reports, this bird is lazy and timid, thus it seldom comes out of the trees. Many studies indicate that this bird may live for up to 26 years. The Hariyal Bird is a three-foot-long bird that is frequently spotted perched at the tops of trees. According to some accounts, a female Hariyal is more sluggish than a man. Although the Hariyal bird is a Maharashtra state bird, it is also found in Uttar Pradesh. Aside from that, the bird may also be found in Pakistan, Nepal, and Sri Lanka.

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