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Hand drawn map lead way back home after 33 years of separation

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Li Jingwei- according to a report of The China’s paper he was abducted by his neighbour when he was four years old and sold to child trafficking ring. He is 37 years now, married and have a child.

He reunited to his family by drawing the map of the village he lived and the map was shared to Douyin and the police tried to figure out the place and finally they were able to match the map location to an area in south-western city of Zhaotong in Yunnan Province. once Li Jingwei found out about the village and his family he underwent DNA test , as the test results were positive, he finally met his mother but unfortunately his father passed away few years back

“I’m a child who’s finding his home. I was taken to Henan by a bald neighbour around 1989 when I was about four years old,” said Li. He added his adoptive family taught him ‘the principles of being a human so he could study hard and become a talent in the future’.

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