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Guinness World Record Was Broken By Man Clapping 1,140 Times In A Minute

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Guinness World Record

Guinness World Record

A 20-year-old American from Iowa broke Eli Bishop’s previous record of 1,103 claps in a minute by clapping 1,140 times in a minute. Speed clapper Dalton Meyer claimed that his interest in speed clapping was spurred by a YouTube video of Kate French, who was formerly the fastest clapper in the world.

Meyer told the Quad-City Times in Davenport, Iowa, “It felt like I didn’t even have to practice; it came effortlessly to me.” Regarding the record for “most claps in a minute,” he claimed, “Really, I just for some reason knew how to achieve it.” Meyer said that he used the wrist-clapping method created by Bishop, the previous record holder with 1,103 claps in one minute, for his official Guinness World Record attempt. Wrist clapping is the practice of striking the opposite hand’s palm with the wrists and fingers. He collaborated with the business to ensure that the effort was recorded with the correct audio so that Guinness could count and confirm his 19 claps per second.

The speed clapper claimed that despite staging the attempt back in March, the record-keeping organization didn’t get in touch with him until Halloween. Yet another peculiar record. A 14-year-old girl set a Guinness World Record in September by putting 22 socks on one foot in 30 seconds. The previous record holder, Aarif Ibn Abdul Halim of India, who set it in May with 19 socks, was surpassed by Alberta teen Carolena Kruse.

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