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Green Light Illuminates Sky, Pictures Of Aurora Borealis Goes Viral

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Aurora Borealis

Aurora Borealis

The tallest mountain peak in North America, Denali, was illuminated by the Aurora Borealis, according to photos published by the National Park Service (NPS) of the United States. The federal agency also included an in-depth explanation of the auroras in the caption.

The NPS wrote, using a well-known Simpsons joke as a point of comparison: “The Northern Lights? Localized solely within your kitchen during this time of year, at this hour, in this region of the country!? – Super Nintendo Chalmers.”

“Denali is a great location for viewing the aurora because it’s located at far northern latitude and because there is very limited light pollution. Light pollution is found in towns, cities, and other developed areas where excessive artificial light brightens the natural environment,” according to the agency.

“The most common color seen in the Northern Lights, or aurora borealis, is green. When the solar wind hits millions of oxygen atoms in the Earth’s atmosphere at the same time, it excites the oxygen atoms for a time and then they decay back to their original state when they emit the green hue we can see from the ground,” they added.

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