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Gorgeous And Powerful Temples In Tamil Nadu To Visit With Your Family 

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A selected list of beautiful temples in Tamil Nadu with your family. This is not written in any particular order, and these temples are just a starter to your Tamil Nadu Temple experience. If you want to detect living temples with energetic streets, head to Tamil Nadu before going to Angkor Wat in Cambodia. The best temple goal in the world is Tamil Nadu, and places like Kumbakonam, Trichy, Madurai, Coimbatore, and Tanjore are solid proof. If you are thinking about where to go after the lockdown, come to Tamil Nadu and understand spirituality liquefying into you. The holiest temple terminus in the world is Tamil Nadu.

Tanjore Big Temple: The 8th Wonder of the World

The Great Raja Raja Cholan’s Tanjore Big Temple is over 1000 years old. The temple architecture and secrets covering this iconic shrine of Lord Shiva are unnatural. This temple should have a spot in the new amazement of the world list. Udayar, Vibrant at 1000: Big Temple, and Mysteries of Tanjore Temple books can lighten this timeless temple’s architectural wonder.

Rockfort Temple: The Living Rock of Trichy

A spiritually and historically influential rock in the middle of the city sends friendly vibes throughout Trichy. This rock is over 3.7 billion years old and hosts three individual shrines. At the Bottom is Manikka Vinayagar Temple (Lord Ganesha).  In the center, Thayumanaswamy Temple (Lord Shiva), along with Mattuvar Kuzhalammai (Parvati), and at the top, Ucchi Pillayar Kovil (Lord Ganesha).

Erumbeeshwarar Temple: The Temple of Legends

The legend is that Vayu (Lord of Wind) God’s satisfied prowess had split the Meru peaks into elements. The gorgeous hill where the temple is present is a piece of the Meru Mountains. Another fascinating mythological story describes how Devas (celestial creatures with godly characters) glorified Lord Shiva, hiding like ants, tricking the demons. The Lingam here is a sand linga. Those who pray in this temple can ignore their worries and attract assets to the family.

Srirangam Temple: The Lord of Vishnu Temples

The reclining deity of the Hindu God Lord Vishnu in this temple is as strong. The one in Tirumala Temple in Tirupathi. Srirangam regarding as the most famous of all 108 Divya Desams. On the banks of Cauvery, this glossy and holiest of all Vishnu temples in India allures millions of tourists worldwide. The temple tower or Gopura is the most elevated in Asia at an incredible 239 feet.

Lakhs of enthusiasts visit Srirangam during Vaikunta Ekadasi Festival. Those who adore Lord Ranga. When the Paramapada Vaasal or Sorga Vasal (Gates of Heaven) are open confirms a long and calm life. This festival’s energy and cheerful aura are unmatchable to anything on earth.

Meenakshi Amman Temple: The Symbol of Madurai

If adventurers wish to participate in the Indian version of Athens, Madurai and Meenakshi Amman are there for their history quest. Like a serpent coiling the limits, the City of Madurai hosts Madurai Meenakshi Amman Temple. Being a UNESCO contender, numerous sculptures, multicolored celebrations, Goddess Meenakshi, and music-emanating pillars replicate the culture of the Pandyan Kingdom, Tamil, and Madurai, the oldest breathing city in India.

Airavatesvara Temple: A Chiseled Chariot

Named after the elephant Airavatha, this temple in Darasuram is one of the three legendary Chola temples. Shaped like a chariot, this temple has a mysterious secret, like many other temples in India. Rajaraja Chola II built this highly affirmed temple in the 12th century. Airavatesvara is located in Kumbakonam, just 50 km from its elder brother in Tanjore. They and the center brother in Jayankondam made it to the UNESCO World Heritage Site list long ago.

Thiruparankundram Temple: Swashbuckling Tales

Living in one of the six houses of Lord Muruga, Thiruparankundram is one of the positively revered Tamil temples in South India. A 6th-century temple made of rock-cut architecture by the Pandya Kingdom. This is where Lord Murugan conquered the powerful demon king Surapaduman and married Deivanai. The daughter of the Lord of Heaven, Indra. There is proof of this temple being present before the 6th century. It believes to be a Jain cave, and Gajapathy, the ruler of the latest Pandyas. Had annexed this place and converted it into a Shaivite temple. A temple of beautiful and colorful Tamil celebrations. 

It was in Thiruparankundram temple Thirugnana Sambandhar complete. The prior rulers of Tamil Nadu Cheras, Cholas, and Pandyas in a single event.

Thillai Nataraja Temple: The Skies of Wisdom

A location where art and spirituality come into play. One of the Pancha Bhoota Sthalas (this temple represents the Sky Element). R & D, scientists from the west have confirmed. The big toe of Lord Shiva is the Center of the Magnetic Equator of Planet Earth. Lord Shiva is seen as Lord Nataraja in the Cosmic Dance form. In contrast, this mighty temple symbolizes all human beings’ breath and nine bodily openings in its architectural structure.

Thiruvannamalai Temple: The Hills of Holy Fire

The Temple of Fire, Arunachaleshwara, in Tamil Nadu, is where mythology states that Lord Shiva had emerged as fire before Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma. The residence of not only the powerful form of Lord Shiva but also the internationally famous saint – Ramana Maharishi. During winter, the Karthigai Deepam festival is celebrated with large crowds of enthusiasts from all parts of the world. The nine-mile Circumambulation of this sacred hill during the full-moon day is deemed optimistic. The divine energy covering Annamalaiyar Temple and Ramana Ashram is unmatchable with any other world’s mountains. The entire mountain of Arunachaeshwara is regarded as a Shivling. There is also a robust relationship between Machu Picchu and Thiruvannamalai Temple from antique times.

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