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Google, Facebook, Big Tech Should Pay for Network Costs, Request EU Telcos

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Big Tech

Big Tech

According to four people with direct knowledge of the situation, telecom companies are pressuring the European Union to enact new regulations that would make Big Tech pay for network expenditures, following Australia’s lead.

Telecom companies in Europe have pushed for financial support from US tech companies like Alphabet’s Google, Facebook, and Netflix, claiming that they account for a significant portion of the region’s internet traffic. The latest plan, which hasn’t been publicized, is being reviewed by the GSMA, an organization that advocates for more than 750 mobile operators in the telecom industry.

“GSMA is coordinating a proposal that speaks to contribution to European infrastructure investment,” said John Giusti, GSMA’s chief regulatory officer, without elaborating on the content of the proposal. Before the 27-nation bloc consults on a so-called “fair share” contribution from companies like Google, Netflix, Meta, and Amazon, which are responsible for more than half of all internet traffic, the proposal is being made.

These platforms reject the theory and characterize it as an online traffic surcharge. The most preferred weapon for telecoms operators in their conflict with Big Tech corporations, according to the sources, has been Australia’s recently enacted rules in its own struggle with Google and Facebook.

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