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Google Doodle celebrates Valentine’s Day with a Cute Game That Allows You to Reunite Two Hamsters

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Google is commemorating the day of love — Valentine’s Day 2022 – with a one-of-a-kind and interactive doodle today. The Google doodle includes a fun animated game in which you must solve a brief 3D puzzle.

You may play the game to reunite two love-struck hamsters. When you solve the problem and click on the heart, the two hamsters separated by a maze in the shape of Google’s logo discover the road via pipes and reconcile. The game is entertaining and simple to play, and in the conclusion, it wishes you a Happy Valentine’s Day.

Google discussed the theme of today’s animation on its official Doodle website, writing, “Sometimes love hits you by surprise”. It can be unpredictable, but with all of its ups and downs, it can still bring the globe closer together (regardless of species).

“Just look at the two enamoured hamsters featured in today’s interactive 3-D Doodle”, they said. May you patch their path together so they can scurry into each other’s lovely paws? As the saying goes, “home is where the heart is”. “Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day”.

The fresh new Valentine’s Day Doodle will greet visitors to the Google homepage. By clicking on the play button, you may access the interactive game.

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