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Good Ties With Armenia Not Against Azerbaijan: Iran

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TEHRAN- The best method to resolve conflicts in the Caucasus region, according to #Nasser Kanaani, spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry, is through negotiation amongst regional capitals rather than “trans-regional” involvement.

“Iran once again announces its readiness to contribute to resolving the remaining issues between its northern neighbors (the Republic of Azerbaijan and Armenia) in the framework of bilateral, trilateral, and six-sided regional frameworks,” Kanaani said in response to the Azeri president’s remarks on Iran’s good relations with Armenia.

According to Kanaani, the foundation of Iran’s core diplomacy is strong neighborly relations and the development of cordial relationships with each of its neighbors. However, this does not imply using these ties against another neighbor.

“Our core policy has been premised on good neighborliness and development of relations with all neighbors and that consolidation of relations with each of the neighbors is not against another neighbor,” he clarified. 

“The Islamic Republic of Iran has always emphasized the need to safeguard the territorial integrity of every country, and peaceful resolution of the disputes between Azerbaijan and Armenia, and therefore, we had condemned the occupation of Azerbaijan’s territories and supported their liberation at the highest political level,” the Foreign Ministry spokesman reiterated in reference to Iran’s fundamental policy regarding the ongoing conflict between its two northern neighbors in the Karabakh region.

The Republic of Azerbaijan has been in communication with Armenian officials at various political, military, and security levels for almost two years, he noted, preparing the road for peace and friendship.

Iran has been in favor of all of this, but Kanaani noted that “we are unable to comprehend why they are concerned about our usual interactions on a neighborly level with that nation (Armenia).”

In addition, Kanaani said that Iran’s recent wargame along its borders with Armenia and Azerbaijan was a routine, pre-planned exercise that had already been announced to the neighbors through official channels.

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