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Goa Elections: Rahul Gandhi will Lead a ‘Loyalty Pledge’ for the Congress

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All Congress candidates in Goa will swear a promise of allegiance on Wednesday, with senior party leader Rahul Gandhi, committing not to defect after the elections. The Congress Party was the single largest party in the 2017 assembly elections, which witnessed a fragmented mandate, but it was unable to form a government owing to defections. Only two of the 17 MLAs elected on a Congress ticket in the recent assembly elections, and they are still members of the party.

The party seeks to reassure the people of the state that voting for Congress would not be a waste of time and that the elected lawmakers will not defect once elected. In 2019, a significant number of MLAs deserted the party, reducing its strength in the state house.

Congress has already hosted a similar gathering in which all candidates pledged to remain loyal to the people and the party after the assembly election. The candidates took the loyalty promise earlier this month at a temple, a church, and a dargah, and will repeat it with Rahul Gandhi to reassure voters that they would not desert after the elections.

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