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Giorgia Meloni, Italy’s Far-Right Leader, Is Expected To Win The Election

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According to exit polls released on Sunday, the right-wing coalition led by Giorgia Meloni’s Brothers of Italy party appeared to be on track to secure a comfortable victory in the next legislative elections.

According to the RAI exit poll, the coalition of conservative parties received between 41% and 45% of the vote, which is enough to maintain control of both houses of parliament. According to the RAI poll, the right would win almost 111-131 Senate seats and nearly 227-257 lower house seats. Although Meloni is the leader of Italy’s largest coalition and an obvious candidate for victory, the new administration may take a little longer to swear in due to the delayed nature of power transfers. The outcome indicates a stunning leap for Meloni, whose party earned only 4% of the vote in the 2018 national elections but is predicted to win with 22 to 26% this time, according to Reuters. The next Italian prime minister will lead the country’s 68th administration since 1946 and may confront a number of challenges, including rising European energy prices.

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