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Germany Detects Monkeypox Virus In Child

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monkeypox virus

monkeypox virus

As the monkeypox virus continues to spread, Germany has confirmed its first illness in a four-year-old child. German health officials have diagnosed the girl with monkey fever. The child is said to be living with two infected adults, although doctors have taken a swab for diagnosis and he is currently showing no symptoms. The country’s Robert Koch Institute (RKI) last week confirmed the spread of monkeypox among teenagers. 

Monkeypox Virus cases have increased in Europe since May. The RKI said it would continue to “monitor” the situation, although the risk to the population was low. Germany’s standing committee said it was important for the country to start a vaccination campaign to prevent the outbreak. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 18,000 people have been infected with monkeypox in at least 78 countries worldwide outside of Africa, with most cases currently in Europe.

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